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It may be winter is many parts of the world, but it’s never a bad time for a track that has summer hit all over it.

“Dance music connaisseurs around the world are asking themselves:  Who is this Ninetoes guy? How did he appear out of nowhere and has this instant hit record that gets spins and recognition from such a variety of highly decorated Djs as Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Jesse Rose, Luciano, Maxxi Soundsystem, Davide Squillace, Koze and Oliver Koletzki?

Well, Ninetoes is actually not some chicklet that fell into our lap, but a genuinely gifted producer and Dj that has been playing spots around the globe and mastering his craft for more than fifteen years.

Be it his sophisticated selection, his outstanding and creative mixing skills or his infectious personality: his sets are a treat to anyone with the slightest soft spot for house and techno records.

Hailing from a German motorcity and equipped with a Hip-Hop-background, this music enthusiast knows how to tastefully tear up a party in a way few others do. Watch out for his forthcoming releases and try to catch him play in a city near you, because “Finder” is definitely only the first step on Ninetoe’s path!”

Ninetoes – Finder


Rhythm Of The Night


The UK based duo of Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson seem to be making waves recently at least where I’m looking. They play self described sun-tinged house jams. Here’s a remix of a popular 90’s dance track… ahh them memories (shit I’m old).

Looking forward to what these two have in store for 2014. Enjoy and go grab the free DL from their soundcloud page.

Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Blonde Version)



“Vanilla ACE…so much is in a name, so much is in the music he makes. Inspiration drawn from so many genres its hard to think where he gets the ideas from.Almost like he was the bastard child of a musical mind f**k between house, disco and new jack swing in the late 80’s.The mysterious London based Vanilla Ace had a storming 2012 with releases on Toolroom, MODA, Blockhead, Maquina, Ministry of Sound.”

Check out his Day & Night mix, then the absolute beast remix from Patrick Podage. Cheers.

Vanilla ACE – Mirage (Day Mix)

Vanilla ACE – Mirage (Night Mix)

Vanilla ACE – Mirage (Patrick Podage Remix)

Here’s the Patrick Podage YouTube for a full version. Ace!

Danger Zone


“The darkest atmosphere which you can imagine is incepted your mind in every sound that you hear. The track on which you want to add volume to maximum and enjoy the space of danger!” – Going Deeper

Re Dupre – Danger Zone (Going Deeper Remix)


‘BRANX (Formerly DCarls) IS Juicy Funk & Colossal Beats.’ Smoove Operator is the debut single of brand new Lowtemp artist BRANX featuring Russ Liquid on the keys.

BRANX – Smoove Operator


The original is amazing as well as the Mario Basanov remix posted a few days ago, but this Com Truise remix is off the interstellar charts. Additionally, we have Wave Racer’s who’s is swimming down under in the bright intergalactic oceans.

Two incredibly different takes. Com Truise’s is pleasant, but with an evil streak whereas Wave Racer’s is vibrant and sunny. I’m in love with both. Enjoy.

Flight Facilities – Stand Still feat. Mickey Green (Com Truise Remix)

Flight Facilities – Stand Still feat. Mickey Green (Wave Racer Remix)