“It is time for the next Cimelde installation with a new act that’s sound very promising. Flubba is about to unleash his debut sampler, a five track anthemic jammer. Kinda like a mini album teaser…

Beginning with the futuristic Feel For You piece, warm but raw at the same time with a distinguished synth trademark rolling all over the track. Bit more laid back housy approach on Eyes On You, with the ethereal vocals that flows as minutes go by lightly and some hypnotizing arpeggios that rap things up pretty well. With Heartbeat as a perfect follower since it spreads a veil of pop electric aroma sending you back to the floor.

Downward is a strip down tool with a grit bass hook, steady proceeding to a graceful mover, with a more organic texture most definitely will cause no ear harm… Closing title and Get Along With You reconfiguring things with a more analog sampling,
a moody track for sure followed by some pitch down vocals underneath. Nice construction with some oddly but well arranged loops, its the perfect way to make this EP complete.

Flubba shows his many aspects of music making and his first presentation proves that only quality will follow.” – Cimelde