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Scuba Remix


Scuba has a new remix of Paul Woolford’s untitled track and it’s a scorcher. The original was released on Scuba’s record label Hotflush. Scuba’s attempt is just pure unadulterated madness. Check it

Paul Woolford – Untitled (Scuba Remix)




I just posted a Toto ‘Africa’ edit a week or so ago, but here’s another one from Duff Disco. I’m loving this one.

Duff Disco – Africa


“As promised, here is my rework of Bondax’s “Just Us”. Once again I wrote an all new vocal and also threw in a few little production goodies as well.” – Patrick Baker

Bondax – Just Us (Patrick Baker Vocal Edit)


Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ has been remixed a to of the years and they usually stay true to the original melody of the original. That’s not the case here. Check it out. Dance floor madnesssss…

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Divided Souls, Samuri, and Le Alen Remix)

Undiscovered SuperLove



Here’s two remixes from Mike Mago. He’s been featured here quite a bit, but in case you’re unfamiliar the Amsterdam based dj/producer is ‘always on top of the freshest sounds and most cutting edge records. Michiel Thomassen, professionally known as Mike Mago, who as label head honcho of Amsterdam-based BMKLTSCH RCRDS has been curating what’s hot and what’s not from Dutch soil and beyond for several years now. Or, as he likes to put it himself, “it’s not about the genre, it’s about the taste!” And for a while now, his taste and thus the profile & musical course of his record label have been evolving.’

Laura Welsh – Undiscovered (Mike Mago Remix)

Charlie XCX – SuperLove (Mike Mago “You’re My Favorite Dub” Remix)


There’s nothing better than starting your music listening day with a Maya Jane Coles remix. Not only a new Maya track, but a remix of Bonobo’s First Fires from his recent album, ‘The North Borders’, which is one of my favorite of the year especially on a long road trip down the California Coast.

As Mixmag pointed out (who premiered the track) Maya is coming off another amazing album herself, Comfort.  This album has also gotten a lot of airplay on long road trips. Both are on Spotify if you don’t have the cash to fork up. I highly recommend both.

I finally got a see Maya in the flesh a few weeks ago in San Francisco and what a treat. It was definitely one of the better sets I’ve caught all year. I was fully engaged the entire time. My feet were moving and my head was floating.

This remix does the same. It turns Bonobo’s ethereal first track into a slow but hard rolling primordial explosion (pictured above).

Bonobo – First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)