“One of the best parts about being in South Florida is the tremendous cultural momentum we’re experiencing, not only in the visual and performing arts, but in music as well. So naturally when new and innovative producers and musicians come along with strong Miami roots, we feel obligated to showcase Miami’s emerging talent. With that said, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you Dude Skywalker, three Miami locals and best friends with a passion for dance music- specifically disco and house. We asked the ‘Dudes’ to give us a new and exclusive track, and Feel Good appeared in our inboxes shortly thereafter. We then asked five other locals to remix the single, providing us a broad sampling of the dance music scene bubbling up from the underground here in South Florida. You can download all six tracks exclusively at Fordistas.com for free” – NightDriveMiami

The original is amazing, but since I highlight so much Dude Skywalker on here I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite remix from Benedikt Hammer, who I featured here a lonnnng time ago.  Here’s a guy that picked up music production as a bit of a hobby but has now become more of a focus and ideally a career. If this is any indication we should be seeing him around for quite some time.

Dude Skywalker – Feel Good (Benedikt Hammer Remix)