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Labor Day Feel Good Tracks


I used to contribute to a blog with my girlfriend where I’d post about the lighter and “sunnier” side of electronic music. Since I couldn’t keep up with that I am going to start throwing some of that music up here. After all, I started this with the intention of sticking to no one electronic genre.

With that said and the holiday fast approaching (in the US) here’s a list of some tracks that I think are perfect for our last hurrah of the summer. Enjoy!

Monitor 66 feat Bit – Vitae

Monitor 66 – Virago

Holy Models – Swimming (Tesla55 remix)

Sisqo – Thong Song (Eyans Remix)

Johnny Stimsom – Daddy’s Money (Fare Soldi Remix)

Xylos – Summerlong (Touch Tone Remix)

Sly One – Come To Mine (HNNY Remix)


Giving Into Love


“Ibiza lovers here is “Giving Into Love”

I see sunsets, white beaches & tanned people. A hypnotic trip to a mediterranean place where the night never dies. That is how to explain the new single by @katrinka

Katrinka – Giving Into Love



Here’s a soulful deep remix from Patrick Podage due out soon! Check it out!

Notize – Blizzard (Patrick Podage Remix)



“‘Walk The Walk’ by Komon is out today – buy the release digitally

After previous remixes for Sideshow and MyMy on Aus Music in 2009, Bristol-based Kieren Lomax (aka Komon) will return to Will Saul’s widely respected imprint this July with, “Walk The Walk.”

With his debut LP, released last year on Apple Pips, Komon asserted himself as a producer capable of shapeshifting through a variety of soundscapes. Then, having collaborated with Appleblim earlier this year on “Gas Jam/Silencio,” Komon’s sound took on even more of a low-slung house focus, rich in texture and full of clarity.

As a former member of drum and bass collective, Ice Minus, Komon’s love for the roots of bass music are clearly recognisable in the thunderous basslines present on ‘Walk The Walk/Poly Sum.’ The notable difference from his previous work is that here they go hand-in-hand with an overt 4×4 sensibility.”

Komon – Walk The Walk

Komon – Poly Sum




Justin is a 20 year old DJ and Producer out of Los Angeles, California. He stumbled into the world of house music at the age of 8 with Daft Punk’s Discovery, after studying classical piano for several years.

Here’s an unreal track of his called ‘Waves.’

Justin Jay – Waves

The Burn-X2

Here’s Dude Skywalker’s remix for up and coming Miami-based singer, Austin Paul, whose EP just dropped. This is just a nice and smooth track accompanied by great vocals. It reminds me of something you’d hear on La Playa. If you can’t tell by the recent pics I’m a bit jealous of friends who are already at or headed to Burning Man.

The sweet sounds of Dudeskywalker and Austin Paul will have to hold me over for now.

Austin Paul – Feelt It (Dude Skywalker Remix)