KANT – That means “edge” in Danish. And edge basically refers to something unconventional, exciting and new, which doesn’t immediately fit in and is somehow different – just a little bit edgy.

Exactly, this characteristic is reflected in the music of young Copenhagen producer Joachim Schaarup-Jensen. Some years ago the Dane, whose roots originally come from hip-hop, was introduced to deep house and electronica – and immediately fell in love. Although, he is quite new to the scene his sounds convince the listener by skillfully playing with a variety of elements. The music he produces is fresh, creative and exciting – flowing transitions, soulful vocals and piano riffs to a pulsating baseline and hard drums are his trademark. A look in his bag reveals delicacies ranging from quiet laid back to arousing sounds full of energy and exuberance!

Check out his new release along with some fantastic remixes.

Kant – Love Like This

Kant – Love Like This (Shimmer Remix)

Kant – Love Like This (Saccao Remix)