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Magic Circle

Born in Monopoli (South ITALY) she has been playing music since the age of 9.

She studied Classical Guitar at the “Conservatorio Nino Rota” in Monopoli and after a few years turned to new metal and hardcore music with the band Kooma.

She moved to Florence where she got a degree in “Progettazione e gestione di Eventi Artistici” Giorgia Angiuli is a soundtrackcomposer, producer and live performer.

She has been performing in: Italy, Germany, France, England, Lithuania, Russa, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, in the most important clubs and festival of electronic music.

Giorgia Anguili – Magic Circle



I came across this Seal remix the other day and before hearing it, I actually laughed thinking how ridiculous it must be. (Bixel) Boy(s) was I wrong. It’s an awesome track ripe for the dance floor.

The Los Angeles based DJs were born on downtown rooftops and raised in Venice basements. Bixel is producing the vinyl score to California; an mixing the soundtrack of west coast dreams. #bixlife

Seal – Crazy (Bixel Boys)

Bonus Bixel Tracks:

Bixel Boys – Love Like This

Bixel Boys – Love Like This (Steffi Graf Remix)

Yellow Jacket Girl


Burnski and M A N I K just posted an older song that is just now being released. This is a groove filled masterpiece.

‘‘Yellow Jacket Girl’ takes the duo’s retro house inspired sound palette and takes into a deeper and more sultry territory, with suggestive lyrics penned and sung by M A N I K adding a subtle element of sleaze to the song’s low slung groove.’

Burnski & M A N I K – Yellow Jacket Girl


Another new Disclosure track for ya. I’m beyond excited for their album release on June 3rd. I’m also excited that I’ll be checking them out at Treasure Island Musical Festival in San Francisco this October.

Disclosure – F For You

Rosario (snippet)


Here’s a snippet of Ejeca’s new track… beautiful pianos! Happy Friday!

Ejeca – Rosario


Going Deeper – duo from Russia. Working in such styles as the Indie Dance/ Deep House/Tech. GD consists of two talented producers: Timur Shafiev & Eugene (J.Wo). This project was formed in the summer of 2012, a few months later their first release came on the Spanish label Suruba.

Torha – Let It Go (Going Deeper Remix)