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I’ve been listening to this feel good remix from Psychemagik a few times a day since I heard it. It’s such a feel good tune of an amazing original from HAIM. (btw go check out the music video for the original… really cool).

I feel like this is a great transitional song for the seasonal changes approaching. We are awakening out of winter and into the warmth. These are the musical emotions that come to mind when I hear this one. Check er out yourself.

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)




‘Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland and longtime procurers of the famous ‘Feel My Bicep’ blog, Bicep are a duo making movements to conquer the producing scene. Bicep create music that exhibits a clear awareness and respect for the rich history of house coupled with a forward-thinking and progressive application of this expansive knowledge, forging their own wonderfully individual and joyous brand of house music.’

The ‘Stash EP’ will be out on April 15th on beatport and all good record stores. Heres a sneak preview of the first track on the four-track EP.

Bicep – Stash

Triadzz / Slasherr


Fuck man Rustie brings it just how I prefer it. I love the melodic stuff so much, but sometimes I need something, out there or just something that brings some electronic head banging energy. Well when it comes to the latter I know Rustie’s got my back.

The Glasgow based 20 something has been a favorite of mine since a friend introduced him a ways back. I am consistently blown away by him. Check out his newest two releases.

Rustie – Slasherr

Rustie – Triadzz


Here’s a beautiful remix from Tobia Coffa of an Adeline track. He hails from the mother land… Milano, Italy. This is a peaceful dreamy track perfectly suited for a sunny drive. Check er out.

Adeline – What You Got (Tobia Coffa Remix)



This track is gonna get a lot of playtime this summer on those sunset/sunrise dj sets.

Brazilian duo Digitaria get set to ‘Shine’ even brighter with a highly anticipated second EP for the one and only Hot Creations. A potent mix of sweetly sensual vocals and dreamy electro pop with a kick for the floor, the ‘Shine’ EP is backed by a pair of exceptional remixes courtesy of on-point breakthrough artist of 2012, wAFF

Digitaria – Shine (waFF Remix)



Pomslap is a musical piece from the tropical future. I had come across this a week ago on a nice day in NorCal. My mood instantly skyrocketed into territories beyond awesome… so awesome that this track will be gettin a lot of personal airplay this summer.

“Hailing from Antwerp, this young rising electronic savant and jazz trained keyboardist, producer and live performer’s debut EP “Vlotjes” was released to a feverish fan base built around his electric stage shows, funky and raw through his noted virtuoso use of keyboards, samplers, keytar and talkbox. Inspired by Herbie Hancock to Zappa and Lefto with a certain European futuristic sensibility…”

Pomrad – Pomslap