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Winter Escape


After just starting a new job I’m aching for some sunshine, palm trees, warm weather… and well a permanent escape. At the moment music is that only way through that wormhole. So I’ll let these three tunes take me there.

Jesper Samuelson – Miss Velvet

Dumb Dan – Ele (Jesper Samuelson 2013 Remix)

Soulbells – No More (NDYD Exclusive Track)




This track has been on my “I have a 40 tabs open please get to me soon” list. What a beautiful track from the Norwegian, Finnebassen.

I had a chance to check out his live set in Croatia this past summer and it surely did not disappoint. This track almost takes me back there.

Finnebassen – Bella


Monitor 66 recently garnered 5,000 fans on soundcloud and as a reward they gave us a reworked free download of a song they made a year ago. Check it out.

Monitor 66 – Follow You

White Noise


WOW. No words… just listen!

Disclosure – White Noise (HudMo Remix)


[] another world, palm trees, lake, planet 152970

What do you get when add Dr. Dre and some deep bass? Whatever this is. I was just listening to a mix from the DJ Collective Orchard Lounge and heard a track similar to this. I have no idea if it’s the same, but what a special treat to sneak into a set. Check it out.

Claptone – Wrong (Still Dre)

I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance


I came across this Tycho remix of Ulrich Scnhauss (featured here before) and I’m instantly in love. The original is quite a track… a powerful slow roller with a ton of emotion that gets awesomely bizarre at the end.

Tycho adds a little bit of light to it if that makes sense. If the remix was untitled I’d think it take me a minute or so to hear Tycho, but it’s unmistakeable. Well actually it takes until 35 seconds in.. give it 10 seconds…. ahhhhh yes Tycho. I hope to catch this one live.

Yea I’m gonna go listen to this 15 times in a row now. Later.

Ulrich Schnauss – I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance (Tycho Remix)

Ulrich Schnauss – I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance (Original Mix)