I had bookmarked this track to listen to about a week ago. I’m just getting to it and wow what a tune. It had been posted for a mere 5 hours with a couple of thousand views. By the time I get a chance to listen to it (multiple times in a row) it has now amassed almost 200,000 listens in a week. I think its safe to say that TEED has quite a big audience now internationally. Not that it should be a surprise, but about a year ago he was still gaining momentum in the states.

This track, like way too many, makes me think of what house music would sound like in the deep cosmos. Perhaps it’s why I frequently equate space and music. The ethereal vocals compliment the rolling bass and eery synths with a slow moving build to the musical peak are just perfect.

Foals – My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)