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Sweetness Alive



I only have a few minutes on the internet, but since this song resonates with my trip I feel as if I need to post it. I have the pleasure of traveling with my other half right now. The sights have been amazing. The people have been so interesting and fun, and the weather is warm. This new Goldroom track is the perfect accompaniment. I love it!

As with his previous single, “Fifteen,” it will be interesting to see all the remixes come out in the coming months. Cheers.

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive



Royksopp – Running To The Sea feat Susan Sundfor

Speaking of running to the sea I will be leaving for Ko Phi Phi, Thailand in a few hours from Chiang Mai. You may have heard of this wondrous place in the event you ever watched “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio. Ok so onto the music:

From Royksopp:

“For a long time we’ve been considering an artist collaboration with Susanne Sundfør, and the final anniversary show of NRK Lydverket turned out to be the ideal time and place.

Initially, we thought about performing a pure cover version, but the chemistry and vibes between the three of us was out of the ordinary, which led us to put together a new track from scratch. The song Running To The Sea was written and recorded in two days, just in time for the TV-performance.

Susanne possesses a unique combination of distinctiveness and international talent, unique far beyond the borders of Norway. In addition, she has insightful knowledge on cooking inside a pit dug out of the ground.

Susanne delivered gold on her first vocal take. We still asked her to do another 58 though. These were never used, however, having these unused vocal takes available created an atmosphere of luxury in the studio.”

Step Away

I’m chilling in Hanoi today. I’ve had a busy day seeing the city, but came back early to take a break since the other half if sick. Catch a quick rest for her and a quick choone and post for me.

Introducing Isaac Tichauer, French Express’ latest sword out in Sydney, Australia.  Over the past 6 months, he’s prepared for you his first ever original offering, Devotion.

It contains 9 tracks (1 hour & 13 seconds worth of listening) of ethereal, metaphysical, futuristic, classic, atmospheric, tribal & tropical house music.  The crusade against terrifyingly bad music knows no boundaries, even money itself, and will continue like so until our way reaches the four corners of the Earth.

Devotion, being FE’s first full-length, aptly sums up who they are & where they’re are headed. Much admiration and respect for Isaac as he completes his ground shaking debut with your first listen; Devotion makes a bold statement. (FE)

Isaac Tichauer – Step Away

Pyramid Remix



I was just about to retire for the night but decided to thrown on soundcloud to see whats up. Low and behold I see Future Rock pop up. They’ve been a favorite of mine for a few years now even though I’ll never see em on the west coast anytime soon (prove me wrong FR!). 

To my surprise I see a Four Tet remix. Not only that, but my favorite tune of his most recent album. Well color me interested. Fast forward ten minutes… instead of in bed I’m outside on a porch in Phu Quoc Vietnam listening to the track for the 7th time as loud as humanly possible. 

They turn an already high energy track into a total heater. this is my new island anthem!!!

Four Tet – Pyramid (Future Rock Remix)


I’m a week into my Southeast Asia trip and as expected I haven’t had much time to post some music. Luckily I’ve been listening to a ton of mixes so musically my sanity is intact. Even on an exotic trip I still enjoy listening to tunes even if that means I’m not totally unplugged.

As of now I’m in Can Tho (above) at a nice resort after spending a few days in some jungle huts along the Mekong Delta. I woke up early (6am) to catch some American Football and listen to some music so as to not waste the day.

The track I’ve enjoyed the most so far is a superb remix from Sasha of  Hot Chip’s ‘Flutes.’ Cheers from Vietnam!

Hot Chips – Flutes (Sasha Remix)


Beverly Hills

When this tune posts I should be on my way to this place above. Enjoy this track. One of the last ones I listened to before I took off for Vietnam. Cheers.

Alexis Raphael – Beverly Hills