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Equal Responsibility


Climbers is the Mexicali duo, Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal, who, despite forming just a year ago, have already been making serious waves around the world with a fresh-faced take on house music.

Their debut ‘Law Of Attraction’ EP on Culprit, as well as the slew of buzzworthy remixes for labels such as Lower East, Noir Music 2 and Electronique have already found their way into the crates of some of the

 hottest underground dance acts including Art Department, James Teej, My Favorite Robot Tanner Ross, Miguel Campbell, Catz n Dogz, Death on the Balcony and Richy Ahmed. ‘All Right’ from the Culprit EP has already been played on BBC Radio’s iconic Pete Tong show.

Though they come from different musical backgrounds, Blakk and Deal haven been friends since high-school. Early last year they finally decided to join forces to make music, and they haven’t looked back. 2012 will see further releases for Culprit, an EP on Nervous Records’ newly launched Nurvous imprint, plus a debut European tour.

Climbers’ are fast developing a signature sound: set to classic house percussions, empahitic electronic baselines, old school vocal sampling and atmospheric synth pads that are always pushing all the right buttons and are never less than memorable.

Climbers – Equal Responsibility


Hal Incadenza is a producer from The Bahamas that dabbles with Disco, House, and Experimental Pop. ‘Ventura’ is a smooth production laced with tropical grooves and beautifully soaring synths.

It’s one of those tracks that makes me reminisce of times where you’re on the dance floor listening to a perfect tune. You look around and notice that every one is on the same level. A brief moment of collective consciences.

Hal Incadenza – Ventura

Back In The Days


Monitor 66 just released a preview of their newest remix. Out November 19th exclusively on Beatport. December 3rd all stores.

I love that they’re inspired by “funky bass lines and sunsets.” They’re already responsible for one of top tracks of 2012… “Triscuits.’ I can’t wait to hear this whole release. The future is bright for this Sweedish group.

Rythm Operator – Back In The Days (Monitor 66)

Bonus Tracks:

Tempogeist – Romeo (Monitor 66 Remix)

Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 Remix)



“Once upon a time, deep in The Cosmic Forest, was a fabled hideaway. It whispered of masked dreams, ushered in hidden truths. Fantasy and adventure were the alchemy that fueled the fire. With moods so vivid you could almost taste them, imagination flew into the night with wild abandon and Spirits soared.

Eventually, as is its’ nature, modernity found its’ own course and wove a path into the world as we know it.

Living and breathing the air that time forgot are two creatures of ageless beauty. Tucked away in their remote Cosmic Forest studio, Psychemagik embody the lust of wonderment and the endless bliss that is musical treasure. Together, they encapsulate what always was and is always meant to be. Welding away by candle light, their passion for composition and seamless production is enabling a whole universe of lush, delirious, existential explosions of sound to proliferate. Come closer…. Take a peek… Be seduced by twilight… Join them in their cosmos and see the world through their eyes.
Let Psychemagik take you by each hand and lead you, blindfolded, into their fantasy world. Open your eyes… Move slowly…. Breathe deeply… What’s before you is a mystical wonderland, sprinkled with magic dust and misted by the tears of the heavens. They will free your mind as the scarf of the everyday falls. Welcome to the place where everything is possible, the place where dreams spring to life. “
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
Saalim – What You Say (Psychemagik Remix)
The Egg – The Catch (Psychemagik Remix)

So Good To Me


Chris Malinchak won’t stop, can’t stop. I’m not sure if there’s an accompanying free download with this release, but it’s of no matter. This recently released track is beyond uplifting…. above the clouds.

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me


John Monkman is becoming recognised as one to watch in house music in 2012. The year started with ‘Don’t have to be Beautiful’ (number one in beatport’s deep house chart). Since then he has released a stream of successful tracks including ‘K.I.S.S. M.E.’ and ‘The Heat’ (feat Liz Cass) that have become staple weapons amongst the worlds top house DJ’s including the likes of Seth Troxler and Laurent Garnier. Running through John’s wide ranging body of work is a dedication to technical sound design and mixing. His sound is deep and sexy, drawing in elements of disco, 80s synth music and big room progressive.

This track today can be summed up by John Monkmon’s vocal sample:

“Everybody, we’re all gathered
gathered here together
for something called

John Monkman – Noisily