Jay Murphy, David’s younger brother (David being aka Murph – bassist/bass bomber of STS9), played an immensely enjoyable and highly dance-able set at ReGeneration (06/25/11). I am not sure how many times they played together, but they were having so must fun up there together and were smiling ear to ear. This was shortly after David had gotten his cancer all-clear and they both were loving life and it showed through the music.

Up Until Now is mostly Jay’s production with live contributions from his older brother (and probably some helpful studio feedback), and he sometimes uses a studio drummer. It looks like Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig from the Disco Biscuits is going to join them on guitar for a couple of dates in the NE soon.
At any rate- here’s the bandcamp link for free downloads including the ReGen set:  http://upuntilnow.bandcamp.com/   Website:  http://upuntilnowmusic.com/