“Wriggle” appeared on the first “Moodymanc” 12″ back in 2007 which was never released digitally. The 12″ was a vinyl sampler for the Dubble D album “Playin’ Out” on 2020 Vision recordings which was a collection of tracks that I had made whilst DJ ing warm ups for 2020 soundsystem shows. I wanted to present an album as a mix in that style-starting off with hip hop grooves and working my way up through tempos and styles to a housier vibe, albeit in a jazzy way; kind of a mirror of my story as a musician.
“Moodymanc” (a “manc” is someone from Manchester if you didn’t already know!) was a nickname that the guys at 2020 vision had given me, and we decided to do the 12″ under that name as a bit of a joke to those in the know, and of course with a very, very reverential nod to Mr Keny Dixon Jr. (a truly inspirational hero and pioneer: I was never under any illusion that anybody might think that my music was anything like his!). The name of course stuck (love it or hate it-I do both!) and the rest is history….the story is still being told.

Anyway, here it is-rough as…. but very much from the heart. With massive thanks to all those who have supported me and my music since, I hope that you will continue to do so in the future. It really does count! Feel free to share this and play LOUD, and if you like the vibe check out my other and forthcoming releases. PEACE! D.”

Moddymanc – Wriggle