Hope you solstice was the molstice… I should be punished for that joke. At any rate, I’m sure we all love long days full on sunshine and it just so happened that on this solstice my buddy Matt ObieWonKinobi sent me some tunes to check out.

And thus my introduction to Kill Paris was complete. Kill Paris brings new meaning to a live DJ and Producer. Utilizing the capabilities of Ableton Live and his own custom controllers, Kill Paris plays and loops Bass, Guitar, Synth, and drum beats all while mixing in and out of songs. His live show has been described as something never seen or experienced before. Currently affiliated with 3 different labels (Mode-2, Samoa Good, and Masv), Kill Paris has already had numerous releases on Beatport and other top Digital download fronts. Fusing together Electro-House, Dubstep, and Guitar/bass Funk, Kill Paris is definitely one to keep your ear on. Kill Paris just finished his first North American Tour.

I’m loving this sound. It’s hard, it’s fresh, it’s melodic. It has all the elements and I’m looking forward to diving deep into his catalog of tunes.

Kill Paris – I Wanna Be Your Lover