Today I want to highlight two up and coming DJ/producers from Australia. The two funky mates are Cassian and Shazam which make up Country Club. They tackle a Housse De Racket song and turn it into a house masterpiece ripe for the dancefloor. They’re on a mission my friends. In their owns words…

“Country Club has and always will be about raising awareness. The youth of today too often turn a blind eye to the practices of yesteryear. Chivalry is dead, Croquet participation is at an all time low, and collared shirts are virtually non-existent.

Country Club aims to bring to light these issues in society by speaking to the youth the only way they know how: dance music. As the fists pump and the pupils dilate they will unknowingly be absorbing an imperative message. The days following a Country Club “experience” will be full of introspection: “why am i so compelled to wear a glove on my left hand?”, “why am I so upset that the soup spoon is inside the tablespoon?”, “what does magnanimous mean?”

Housse De Racket – Chateau ( Country Club Remix)