I’m excited to finally check out Gladkill this Friday at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco. His tasteful and melodic take on dubstep is one I enjoy very much. It’s not about abrupt drops and that “shock” factor which isn’t necessarily bad, but just abused. Now about him:

“Boris Gladkikh aka Gladkill has been on a meteoric rise in the electronic music scene since he first began playing live in 2009. Through his tremendous work ethic and tireless touring schedule, Gladkill has already played for massive audiences on the stages of large-scale music festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Earthdance and Burning Man, winning over new fans with every stop.
Originally hailing from NYC, Gladkill now resides in Los Angeles and is part of Headtron, where the versatile young producer’s music fits perfectly alongside the other talented artists that make up the collective. Refusing to stick to the comfort of making one style of music, Gladkill has rewarded audiences through the sheer diversity of his songs, as he deftly moves between dominating dance floors with his sexy, crunked-out club bangers, as well as captivating home stereo speakers with more downtempo and melodic material.”

This tune is of course is a more melancholy track with melodic basswork. Enjoy.

Gladkill – Back Where We Started