This isn’t new by any means, but it doesn’t have to be to be relevant. Things get lost in the mix so quickly these days with the face paced nature of a particular song, band, genre picking up speed. Anoraak (Frédéric Rivière) of Paris has been a favorite of mine for sometime.

“When Frédéric Rivière says something along the lines of “the sun and the sea are really important to me,” it’s easy to think, ‘Oh great, another chillwave artist who enjoys long walks on the beach and sitting on the dock of the bay all day.’

If only things were that simple. While he’s certainly into laser-guided synth lines and sepia-toned nostalgia trips, Rivière’s debut album as Anoraak (Wherever the Sun Sets) is more indebted to Italo disco, Motown-schooled funk and sepia-toned pop music—think: M83 on Ecstasy—than anything that’s lo-or-glo-fi.”

Anoraak – Dolphins & Highways