“Both the name (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ) and the music (sweet, fluffy ) are likely to polarize here. Oxford’s Orlando Higginbottom (seems like an improvement now, doesn’t it?), though, has been getting a fair amount of attention lately. His music is married well with his stage shows—ridiculous hats, dancing dinosaurs, etc. The name’s a pretty fitting analogy for his music, too—large, lumbering basslines and loose organic percussion that’s nonetheless detailed and complex. What’s best, though, is the heartwarming and quirky melodies and harmonies in the centre of it all.”

This is his new single, Tapes & Money, which I’ve been searching for ever since I saw it performed live on a youtube vid (posted below). TEED is one of my favorite “new” artists. I will definitely be catching him next time he’s in the ‘states.

T.E.E.D – Tapes & Money (Soundcloud Edit)

Also check out this short documentary. It’s a must see. WATCH IT!