“Having previously spotlighted artists such as Ellie Goulding, Disclosure and Azari & III, Dallas-based, Toronto-born, Leon Oziel decided to brave the music world alone just over a year ago when he set up French Express, a label named after his blog dedicated to providing a platform for newly emerging DJs and producers.

Slowly but surely fencing off a space for itself within the filter funkin’, Daft Punkin’, Lifelike’in’ camp, French Express currently boasts the likes of Moon Boots, Erkka and Chris Malinchak on its books, with Leon himself operating under his alias Perseus. Continuing to release a diverse mix of tracks, with everything from exotic house to fidgety dance to old school disco popping up here and there…”

Perseus – Russian Girls EP

Bonus Track because this mix rules face:

Perseus – Dazed Digital Mix