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Sorry I’m not sorry for loving intergalactic, 80’s influenced dance tracks. Bestrack of Paris, France throws down a heater that makes me want to get down… HARD. It starts off relatively mellow and then around 2:40 you hear a sample that says “Motion Engaged.” Blastoff my peoples.

Digikid 84 – Continuum (Bestrack Remix)


Sunshine Reworks

“Dean Sunshine Smith does it again with the first release of 2012. Number 3 in the globally successful SUNSHINE REWORKS series. This time he re-ignites the classic mid tempo soul shuffler ‘OH HONEY’ by 70’s British soul group Delegation. Pitching things up and reworking the vocals to create an infectious slice of Soulful sunshine deep house sweetness!! Track two and we keep the Soul with an edge of Funk as Dean takes us on a LOVE ODYSSEY. Reworking & Re-interpreting the classic T-Connection weekender anthem. This is a new version that intentionally pays homage to the original but also reconstructs the vocals to give the tune a new twist and create a killer deep house floorfiller. As alway’s this release has some BIG support from some of the scene’s key players. Another Sure fire slice of Sunshine Magic from the Soulshare records stable and this wonderful Series. Welcome to 2012!”

Dean “Sunshine” Dean – Sunshine Reworks #3. B.Love Odyssey

I was speaking with a buddy yesterday who is in Costa Rica living the dream when he told me was going to some holistic, spiritual music festival this weekend. I went to check it out as I was curious to see what he was getting into. It looks like a wild and transformational experience.

In the background, I heard quite the slow jam which brings us to today’s tune. Mirada does a fabulous job taking on Olive’s “Not Alone.” According to his soundcloud page he is a lover of music. As a producer & performer I gravitate toward dirty, gritty, grimey, glitchy, pretty, sacred, psychedelic, fun BASS-HEAVY Dubstep, Breaks, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Ethno, Crunk and whatever else makes me and you groove music.

I’m down with that so lets groove. Hey and he even gives us a link for a free download.

Olive – Not Alone (Synamatix vs Miraja)


So Madeo finally released his single, “Icarus.” I posted this teaser video back in October and just yesterday, finally released the tune. Madeon, like Lenno, is a young buck destined to dominate the scene. He started composing music at the age of 11, and adopted a nu-disco style under the name “Madeon” in 2010. In the fall of that year, he gained popularity for his award-winning remix of “The Island” by Pendulum.

He’s also playing Coachella this year. I’ll be certain to see his performance to finally experience what this young, and soon to be widley famous, producer’s all about.

Madeon – Icarus

16 year old phenom, Lenno, released this track two weeks ago. I’ve posted about him close to 8 months ago on my old blog and said this kid will blow up. To have that kinda production skills at such a young age is impressive to say the least.

Haling from Finland, this dude in its most simplistic terms, just gets it. He can throw a dance floor in a sweaty disco frenzy and I look forward to hearing more and more tracks from him.

St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Lenno Remix)

Gottfriend Meyer, from Dublin, Ireland bring us today’s Monday morning tune. It’s the perfect “wake me the fuck up” tune after an amazing weekend. I had the pleasure of checking out Australia’s Plastic Plates this weekend who throws down one hell of a futuristic disco party.

So after a slow start to this morning because of the weekend’s shenanigans I need something uplifting. From the man who remixed this tune: “This is a Disco/Electro remix of Paradisco. I loved the original but I wanted to see what it would be like with a more driving feel in the chorus so I put in some heavier drums and a Pro One to get it there. Also I was trying to incorporate more recorded audio into this remix. Hope you enjoy!”

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Gottfried Beyer Remix)