A sweet little nu disco remix from Levantine. This will be the first post on this site or my old one where I’ve featured an artist from Mexico. I love posting international djs/producers, but have yet to come across some solid Mexican ones. Well today is the start of a new direction (for me of course) as I’m sure there is a ton of talent down there.

I wish the main lyrics in this could be expressed to everyone: “In sweet harmony… Let’s come to together… Right now.” With the tension and hate filled rants I come across everyday it’s tough to forget that I think people are generally and overwhelmingly good. Whether it be in regards to the GOP presidential nomination or simple comments on a random youtube video… people need to take a step back and remember we’re all in this together… so I say, “Let’s come together.”

Check out his site for free DL.

The Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Levantine Remix)