New Pretty Lights tune for ya. This has that old school PL feel to it, of course old school for him is like 2-3 years. I remember him talking about his new ambitious project to create all his music with original samples instead of using old tunes. I am not sure, but this could very well be a part of that. It’s definitely got that chill hip hop vibe too which I dig.

I remember seeing him about a year before he really blew up and seeing him at some after parties. You could walk “backstage” then without anyone saying a word because no one cared. The parties were small then. Now, I can probably barely get tix if I wanted to see him. Good for him to blow up after only a few years.

I’m headed up to Tahoe for the weekend to shred some gnar so I’ll check back in with some new tunes on Monday. Have a good weekend internet peoples.

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On