One of my best friends, Liam Squirrlam, just released his new song/video and it may be my favorite one to date. The video is intensely awesome and the song is great. It’s no easy task tackling a Beatles tune. I’d get into a long winded description, but I think I’ll let him speak:

“Dear TrashJuice,

I thought I’d slide you my newest treat, seeing as you are the OW (original wigger) that put me on to electronic music in the first place.
I’ve been messing with this remix for a few months now, performed alternate variations of it to see how people reacted, and finally put together a version I was happy with.  The video is my first crack at cartooning– and this damn thing took WAY longer than I thought it would.
Next time you are in NYC and I don’t wake up in a pool of TrashJuice at least once during your trip, I am burning all of my Panther Heart memorabilia and torching you in a 40 yard dash. (Again.)
Liam Dirlam aka VOODOO FARM”