Rusko released his new track “Somebody to Love.” Seeing as I just posted my buddies dubstep tune, why not continue the trend. I will admit, my taste for the newer American flavored “dubstep” is at an all time low with producers like Skrillex and the like. I’ve also seen Rusko a few times. I don’t care too much for the scene as it looks and smells worse than a low end Baltimore warehouse rave out in the middle of the ghetto, but hey I can’t judge too much. I’ve followed bands and seen dj’s I love before that are just as bad. I don’t let the surroundings bother me too much as it should always be about the music.

Speaking of which… the music. This new track is right in the realm of what I like with Rusko. It’s melodic, bass driven, and accompanied by  good vocals without trying to be a cheap “banger” because there is a fair amount of his music I can’t stand. The video looks fun as long as he’s not asking the crowd to bring opiates back stage. You can check out more of his stuff here and form your own opinion.