I felt compelled to post something a bit different after the last Rusko post. As people may have been able to notice, my taste in electronic music is all over the place. Hell, I haven’t even touched UK Garage, House, etc. This next artist has without a doubt been one of my favorites for a long time as well as his other moniker, Abakus. This is Cinnamon Chasers… “Cinnamon Chasers is a nu-disco alias of music producer Russ Davies, exploring the colorful world of fluro-electro beats, warm melodiums and tripped out italo. Cinnamon Chasers is inspired by films like Flight Of The Navigator and the Never ending Story. “I try to create music that gives me the vibe those classic films gave me as a kid”. Cinnamon Chasers achieves this with a perfect blend of crisp electronics, Pop based song structure and melodies, and an Indie feel.”

You should check out his soundcloud page which will have links to purchasing. I’ve bought everything over the years from Russ. A true genius he is.  The two songs here are just samples of two of my favorites off his most recent album which were remixes that he did on his own songs… wait what?

Cinnamon Chasers – Have I Said Something (CC Remix)

Cinnamon Chasers – You (Bonus Track)