I had just recently posted a Polish Amabassador remix of  a Little Dragon song. This time I have an original track from his other moniker, Ample Mammal. In an interview posted on thedolab.com, he just announced he’ll be coming out with a new EP in a few months. In his words:

“Most people know me as The Polish Ambassador, but when I go out to shows, a lot of folks will ask me about a new Ample Mammal record,” Sugalski shared. “So I’m now prepping a 5 track EP that I’ll put out in the late spring or early autumn.”

“I’m gonna be playing some of that [Ample Mammal material] at King King for sure,” he added. “It’s a little bit more bass-driven, but it’s still got that electro-vibe so that it’s quintessential Polish Ambassador. It’s more downtempo, with the BPM of Dubstep and grime.”

This is one of my favorite tracks of the last Ample Mammal album. Git.

Ample Mammal – Pushing Time