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“Hard earned respect from your peers is a rare commodity but Huxley, aka Michael Dodman, has it in spades. Since his late teens he’s been producing, seeing initial underground success as a garage producer before his sound partly mutated towards a deeper, house-based sound in the past few years.

As a remixer, the Tring (Herfordshire, UK) man is hugely in demand, turning his hand to major label talents with as much flair and skills as he does underground cornerstones like Lee Burridge or Maya Jane Coles. Completing the picture is his Djing – another perfect string to his bow that sees him tour his open minded and deftly programmed music selections in clubs and festivals across the world on a weekly basis.

Going forward, there’s more of the impeccable same and more than a smattering of surprises on the way from Huxley.”

Gorgon City – Unmissable (Huxley Remix)

Return Of The Mack



SNBRN returns with a clever twist of Mark Morrisons crowd-pleasing hit “Return of the Mack.” With a warm bassline and a plethora of live instruments, SNBRN’s signature sheen turns the original into an irresistible dance remix.

“So, I’m back up in the game…with a brand new remix of one of my all time favorite songs. There hadn’t been a remix in years and decided to give this thee old SNBRN touch. With tons of live instruments and a nice warm bassline this track is sure to keep you dancing from the pool to the club all summer long.”

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (SNBRN Remix)





Maya Jane Coles just posted a track full of Monday Vibez… or perhaps best placed for a late set under the moonlight, but who I am kidding, it’s MJC and this could work at any time. The track, ‘Premonition’ was recently played on her fabric75 mix. Order your copy of the limited edition 10″ from: Available digitally on the fabric 75 album:

Maya Jane Coles – Premonition

Tell Me


Positive Vibez here today…  “Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band” is Justus Köhncke’s first major release since “Safe And Sound” and sees Kompakt’s leading dance music troubadour finally return to his beloved full-length format. The digital single “Tell Me” gives crowds a mighty grooving foretaste of the new opus, serving not so much as an introduction to an already well-established sonic universe but as an warmly welcoming invitation to the party.

Snappy beats, pop-infused hooks and an enticingly nonchalant attitude make this track the perfect disco bait, showing the former Whirlpool Productions member (see “From: Disco To: Disco”) and producer of seminal cuts such as “Was Ist Musik”, “2 After 909″ or “Timecode” at his very best. The track’s stirring synths are joined by slick vocals from Whirlpool Productions buddy Eric D. Clark who tops off the sensual thrust of this future classic in confident fashion.

“Tell Me” is out now – buy it here:

Justus Köhncke – Tell Me

Permanent Power



“Andy Smith is a Croydon-bred producer who’s often talked about in the same breath as a wider crop of young producers working in that house-pop threshold, and yet his sound is taking on a life of its own.

He cites the dubstep movement as “a good influence” and he’s got links with Disclosure (his old school pals, who initially signed him to their own Method Records before he moved to Greco-Roman to release the new Playground EP), but while both of those connections suggest something about his sound, neither quite sums up what you’re in for with Playground” – FACT

Lxury – Permanent Power


“Less than a year since he served up his third album “Urban Animal,” Claude VonStroke delivers more brand new original material! Based on the personal experience of starting at the bottom selling fake perfume out of the the trunk of his car, “CaliFuture” foretells the sunny-sided ironies experienced by the legions of fame and heat-seekers who head out to the Golden State each year in the pursuit of The Dream. No matter how many knock-backs, no matter how many thankless interim occupations, no matter how many people yell at you each day; there’s an overriding deep sense of hope that you WILL make it someday.

The barbed Bootsy-style falsetto narrative comes from VonStroke’s close friend Barry Drift – who you may recognise from ‘Urban Animal’s “Sugar & Cinnamon” – and his sermon is complemented by an obese acid groove that thunders unrelentingly beneath. Fluctuating analogue funk, it taps into the deepest tech DNA with a lava-like flow. Instantly infectious (like all the best acid tracks) the groove carries so much weight we’ve included a dub version, too.”

Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture Ft. Barry Drift


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