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Here’s a brand spanking new remix from a personal favoite, Lxury. He’s just coming off releasing his own self titled album that is amazing as well. Lxury, in what I’ve come to expect, takes a track and completely transforms it into his own. He’s got a unique and uplifting vibe that accompanies most of his productions and ‘Time’ is no different. Here’s a feel good anthem for the summer, but would be well suited for any moment you need a lift. Enjoy.

Jungle – Time (Lxury Remix)



Another summer jam for you today courtesy of Toyboy & Robin. These guys consistantly put out top notch house tracks full with emotion and melody. This time is’s a remix of a band called Coasts. What’s great about hearing this remix is it’s also gotten me into the band so I have some listening to do. Thye’ve got some great tracks. Since Toyboy & Robin have been featured here a ton here’s a bit about the band.

Conceived in 2011 in the crypt of a church, the Bristol-born 5 piece have resolutely resisted the overtures of the major record companies and embarked on a unique and independent path. COASTS’ anthem Oceans (remixed here‚ has now had over 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud and their next step is world domination – their way!

Coasts – Oceans (Toyboy & Robin Remix)

Love ID

If you like Deep House and Summer vibes well here’s your track courtesy of Going Deeper feat. Partrick Baker. Sultry vocals, deep rounded bass, beautiful synths drenched in warm melody makes for a good time. Check it out.

Going Deeper feat. Patrick Baker – Love ID



I first heard Comphuphonic from a video recap of boat parties of a festival I went to in Croatia… Dimensions Festival. It was the perfect track to be in the background of people having a blast on a boat on a sunny day on the Adriatic Coast.

Well he’s back with another track drenched with the same positive feelings. Check it out.

Compuphonic -O Cypres


So here’s an unusual post from me. I don’t normally listen to Bassnectar. I think he’s incredibly talented and I have the utmost respect for him, but it’s just not my cup of tea. With that said, a friend and huge fan of his sent me this track today and I’m loving it.

It has that epic spacey sound that can make anyone feel small, like they’re a part of something bigger and more grandiose than themselves. I also have this weird vision of seeing this replace Moby’s ‘Porcelain’ in that scene from The Beach if this were to be remade one day. That song has stuck with me up until this day. This track from Bassnectar moves me in the same sort of fashion although it feels a bit more futuristic. Check it out.

Bassnectar – Ephemeral


Don’t Tell



I’m nursing a vicious hangover right now and the Mansions On The Moon track is bringing me back to life.’ Specializing in electronic dance, chillwave, and ambient indie pop/rock, Mansions On The Moon has been winning over music fans and fellow artists with their mesmerizing arrangements, creative remixes and wide range of musical capabilities.’

‘With a nation wide tour, new music, and more coming this year, 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for MOTM’

Mansions On The Moon – Don’t Tell



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